Get enough rest


Something i suffer with and know others do is a lack of having a body in synch with the local weather and environment which often means like now i am sitting writing an article at 11.20pm when i should have been doing it in the afternoon. The reason being i sat down for 10 mins but woke up afterwards 3 hours later. If your getting involved in business or generally just travelling making time to rest and refresh are very important factors in getting the most out of life. Being worn out your generally less likely to enjoy things as much as you should or be as interested. Always be aware that the rooster waking you up early in the morning and you going to bed late because that’s what your used to does mean your sleeping less than you should be as your getting the rooster break your normal routine. Everything ends out of synch and you get a scenario like today where my battery died and i had to take a nap to recharge.

Don’t get caught out by the locals remember they have Siesta so although you think they are all up early and productive they do nap in the afternoons if they can and to be honest it makes sense as it does get a bit too hot to be travelling around if the roads were a bit safer i would honestly say travel mornings and early evenings when you can but due to the way people drive here having full light is needed as well as wits.