Gerry’s Grill, Cebu, Philippines meal out with Sheila just in from Denmark

Sheila just in from Denmark with my wife April and friend Marie

After a long flight from Denmark via Frankfurt Sheila arrived with us in Cebu and stopped by for a meal before heading off to her pension house before heading to Bohol in the morning. Its funny to see people meet up who haven’t seen each other for a while and my wife April as with Marie were office mates of Sheila before she headed abroad. Now happily married and enjoying Europe it was a quick trip home this winter quickly followed by her husbands arrival to meet the family shortly.

Gerrys grillWhat I can say about the food at Gerry’s grill is its “ok” most of the dishes seemed based round Pinoy tastes and the mushroom chicken I had seemed to have more bones than it did meat. A bit of a wrestle that ended up with having to have something to eat when we got home later. On the other hand the scallops were very nice and had a nice cheesy taste over many other places that suffer with too much butter. Fish fingers were good although the dip did seem a bit rich on the mayo.So all in all we had a good lunch and with great company. Would I recommend the place? Service is quick food is ok but not really to my Western taste buds so in fairness I would say ask a Filipino how it compares to other places with the food dishes.