Gay clowns, birthdays, pools and relaxing!

We were lucky enough to get invited to our favorite pool spot nearby for our friends daughters birthday. At the same time I wasn’t expecting two kids parties going on next to each other with the videoke in full blast with gay clowns running through their shows in true stereo one at each party.

Ewe having a good time 

One thing I do love here though is that people do celebrate kids birthday parties in style and always seems to be a party and function to go to or organize, I would like to thank Em-em and Mitchell for inviting us over. It was also good for Ewe to see more kids and interact with others as well as La Playa is an ideal venue for kids to splash around in the pools which keeps any child entertained.

Ewe smiling

While everyone was enjoying the party games me Kento and Graeme disappeared off to the pool to relax.

Kento Matt Wilkie (me)