Gawad Kalinga (which means "bestow care") Charity

I have to admit I am not a big fan of charities because of things like corruption and pleading to help the poor in a manor that exploits them very rarely do you hear of a charity that has actually done something that neither needs constant investment or embraces others who get involved as many are simply after the $$$. But I came across Gawad Kalinga which is registered in Germany as a charity and as so is tax deductable and before you think I am asking you to give any money im not this topic is simply about the organisation itself. I came across the youtube video below because of someone’s post on facebook.


Although there seems to be strong ties to religion which is another reason I don’t like many charities as I see it as praying on those who need help the most I do think in the Philippines and the way things seem to have been approached is a reasonable way to get the communities to bond together although would be interesting to see if the same could be done without religious influence.

After cutting through all the negative you start to appreciate the things that I sometimes find are what holds a lot of the Philippines back which are land disputes, poverty and rivalry amongst neighbours/relatives. It also shows a lot of these negatives can be broken for the better of the majority including things like community gardening and harvesting. It’s also good to see some of the major companies getting involved to push home investment and make a lot of these things happen. Although no doubt a lot of it will be written off for tax and not really cost the companies too much if anything at all.. no complaints here anything that is removed from a government tax system and actually put to a good use instead will always get my thumbs up. Just wondering if anyone out there has had any experience with  GK though and would like to add a few comments..

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As I write this article I began researching the original organisers of GK and it reinstates my point why religion is never the right platform for organisations involved in helping the poor. Frank Padilla who is the most prominent figure with CK at that time and originally from Couples for Christ organisation decided it was better to split away from CK and go back to religion. For several reasons firstly being that GK has replaced holiness with "heroism" and winning the world for Christ with "nation-building’. Thus winning souls have been subdued in favour of constructing houses. But isn’t the whole idea of the projects to do with helping people rather than looking for personal gain by forcing religion upon others? The next major stumbling block was that CK started to receive funds from companies regardless of their practices and although you are probably thinking are we talking crime lords here or arms dealers? Nope it falls back to the church yet again with its concern that there maybe companies that may manufacturer or sell contraceptives! It shows how a good idea can be rail wrecked by people not thinking of the poor. It reminds me of a video clip from a movie where someone throws a banana at a starving child which was brought to a charity event in London to show that people were starving inside Ethiopia although the movie was fiction the point was the NGO worker said “I get it, he’s black you want him to dance like a monkey” at which point the boy danced for the banana. The thing was it doesn’t matter where the money comes from our how the project gets completed because at the end of the day the “poor” aren’t so fussy they can’t afford to be.