Gardening in the Philippines another good reason why

butterfly, cebu, minglanilla    Since we started adding plants and flowers around the garden area we have started to see a jump in wildlife and creatures. Most of the time we don’t see any creatures roaming around but as the tropical garden has started to develop so has the wildlife around it.

Here is a prime example the butterfly may not look much on the photo but its wingspan must be around 4” – 5” and started appearing before Kento went to Japan his initial thought when he seen it was that it was a bird as it seems about the size of a small swift.

I know a lot of people can’t really be bothered with the gardening themselves but most of these plants are quite happy to look after themselves once you get them established. Big problem initially is stopping them drying out too quick once they do have a root system this doesn’t create much of a problem as they then can keep themselves well watered.

Anyway just wanted to show that gardening in the Philippines has more reasons to do it than just a hobby it helps preserve the wildlife and I would like to encourage others to do the same. 



butterfly, cebu, minglanillabutterfly, cebu, minglanillabutterfly, cebu, minglanillabutterfly, cebu, minglanilla