Gardening in Cebu,Philippines

gardening setup cebu,philippines

As some of you know we are keen gardeners me and my wife but were setting up tropical but basically never found the time to do it! So now starting to put stuff into instead I just know people complain so much as TP has too much information in one place and WordPress isn’t the easiest software when it comes to indexing everything.

Anyway today I headed off into the city to grab some new supplies as we are expanding in several directions. Firstly hydroponics, secondly vertical gardening (as we have limited space and finally utilizing potting with soil less mixes and fertilizers to see how things go. Main reason being with trying everything is we spend all the money what cocks up people don’t copy! what works go for, saving everyone money in the long run.

What I will say though is the plants we put in the chained plastic pipe worked a treat. DONT do tomatoes though as they simply grew too well and tall (as much as 4ft tall per plant as well as expanding sideways). Peppers go for it! they grow well and easy to maintain. We also added rice husk to use as an organic fertilizer it assisted with keeping moisture in but one problem the rice started to grow!

Anyway sorry to anyone not interested in gardening or plants but to be honest if your going to do a business here in the Philippines locally its one of the easiest ones to make money from. Not a lot but not a lot of work either and we do it because we enjoy it.