Garden Arch Home Made With Steel Bar

The best ideas are normally always the most simple, I wanted an arch to allow 4 plants to grow up and over and then along. I originally looked at building the garden arch with plastic pipe but was looking at around P900 for all the bits and pieces which seemed a bit expensive with the risk its likely to break (be broken should I say). So what I settled on was getting some steel bar which costs P55 a length and just curling it into an arch shape. Still needs a bit of bending to get the shape I want but as you can see does the job pretty well and with the bar being fairly thin its not so noticeable.

Will it rust and fall apart? eventually but by that time no doubt the plant cover will be needing some alterations or even removing so its a case of it works and on a cheap budget as I have other things I need to do. Here in the Philippines its often better to do some things by half than going out the full hog as I find way to often people change their minds or something else results in something having to be removed. So if your looking for a cheap arch or even forming a trellis the bar might be the easiest and locally cheapest option. I find a lot of the prices of what I would prefer to use way over priced so this seems the best option.

garden arch - Budget homemade garden arch - Budget homemade