Gaisano Grand Minglanilla,Cebu,Philippines

Gaisano Grand Mall - Minglanilla,Cebu,PhilippinesGaisano Grand Mall - Minglanilla,Cebu,PhilippinesGaisano Grand Mall - Minglanilla,Cebu,PhilippinesGaisano Grand Mall - Minglanilla,Cebu,Philippines     Gaisano Grand Mall - Minglanilla,Cebu,Philippines 

Gaisano Grand Mall - Minglanilla,Cebu,Philippines

When the Gaisano Grand opened in Minglanilla my initial thoughts were why? not trying to sound negative but every mall here seems to be either selling the same thing or owned by the same people. On top of that we are within a ride of Gaisano Fiesta mall that is larger and has more variety of “chain stores” inside it. The Gaisano Grand in Minglanilla however still has many units empty no doubt the rents are too high for the majority of businesses but also most people still go to the Fiesta mall as it costs the same to ride here on a jeepney. Not sure about the next town/city along Naga as it may be the nearest supermarket for them. But for people in Minglanilla how many still go to the Fiesta mall for groceries over the Grand? Personally I think people should be buying more local and ignoring purchases from the malls who help create this elitist society that allows them to operate freely and the brands they choose over allowing fair competition from others.

I have to admit I do use it maybe twice a month mainly if I am driving past as its convenient, its also not as busy as other locations. CD-R King upstairs for example can pretty much always guarantee you won’t have to wait compared to the one in the Fiesta mall which is always busy.

May sound grumpy but its more to do with warning others not to make the mistakes I have like buying the 3/4 size wardrobe from Gaisano that not only is falling apart it isn’t wide enough for a coat hanger as well as the laminate used is around 1/3rd of normal thickness you would find in the West. Quite literally a waste of money same as many other products from the store.