Full Moon Lone Riders Cebu South Region – Motorcycle groups in the Philippines

I had a friend of ours arrive the other day unexpectidly with his new motorcycle at which point we ended up heading to Naga for lunch before meeting up with another Expat. Timed perfectly as unknown to us it was Fiesta the beer was chilled and the baboy hot so we stopped for dinner a look round some motorcycles before sitting having a chat over some beers. Billy has formed up a new club which is the sort of club I like as it states on their heading of their website :-

FMLR is not like the typical motorcycle club, but rather a club that fits our riders, and perhaps you. There are no official meetings, no real leaders, no fees to join, no dues, no real rules to follow, no expected attendance or mandatory rides.As a member, your free to do what you want to do, ride what you want, dress the way you want. Our members are people who choose to neither lead or follow, we’re the rogue wolves on the road.

Its more an informal group of people than monthly subscriptions, you having to buy badges or go to meetings to maintain membership. Its setup the way clubs should be “to be fun!”. As I only ride a small 125cc scooter at the moment it seems a good club as it doesn’t discriminate against members bike sizes and to be honest here around Cebu city 125cc is plenty of meat for weaving in and out of traffic so its unlikely I will be getting a bigger bike for some time and only likely to be down to either comfort or needing an off road bike for heading into the mountains. Either way I think its a club worth a visit and its membership seems to be growing quickly for a new club. So if your interested in joining drop Billy an email or drop over to their website :- http://cebusouthriders.com/Index.htm

2 comments for “Full Moon Lone Riders Cebu South Region – Motorcycle groups in the Philippines

  1. Billy Andersen
    October 6, 2010 at 2:40 am

    Hi there Matt!

    I accidental clicked a link on Google and found this nice describe of our Club.
    Thanks for cheering Mat! You are welcome any time!

    Regards Billy

    • Tropicalpenpals
      October 6, 2010 at 9:25 am

      Hi Billy,
      no worries glad to help promote the club 🙂