Friends Leaving For UK Tuesday

Rob And Des Allright Wedding 2011

The world is always moving forward and it wasn’t long ago Rob who I met online via the blog and Des a school friend of my wife got married. But they will be heading off to pastures new on Tuesday back to the land of the Queen (both the band and the one that sits with a crown). Like everything when visa processing it takes time but the main thing is things should eventually work out in the end. On top of that the UK has changed shape drastically in the time me and Rob have been in the UK and I am dreading going back to see how much prices have increased on fuel as well as the general cost of living (unless its all on But I know Rob is like me when it comes to costing as we don’t live in the keeping up with the Jones’s mentality.

Me and April just got back from the Alright leaving party and just wanted to post a thank you for being good friends and look forward to meeting again as I can see our paths crossing either here or in the UK at several times and maybe even other countries. Great to see a curry put together today as well and no doubt Rob enjoyed it as much as I did with our taste buds.

Its one of the things that comes out of expat lives is that many people you come across you may never have met elsewhere but often the world is very small in expat circles that result with people being interlinked even without knowing sometimes. I hope Rob and Des start a blog about life in the UK as that side of things would be a real eye opener for many.