Fresh fruit and vegetables – Minglanilla market, Cebu, Philippines

Buying good food doesn’t have to be so difficult in the Philippines if you get used to buying at your local markets. Often the food is a lot fresher and better quality than you find in the supermarkets. Most of the vegetables in the malls seems to be Thailand imports which aren’t only expensive they seem to be grade B or C they definitly aren’t grade A. But the prices often are! I compared Thailand tomatoes to local ones. Although the local ones are smaller they were actually a quarter of the price of the ones imported. You can see the native tomatoes bottom left in the photograph below. A lot of the food may not appear as well polished as we are used to in Western supermarkets but then again the bureacracy that says a potato has to be a certain shape or a banana a certain curl is madness. I want food I can eat.. I have never had a problem getting the food we need on a daily basis and visiting the market also breaks up the day as its nice to wander around. There is some paranoia with some expats about being robbed but its like everywhere. If you keep to safe areas you won’t have any problems. The vendors at markets appreciate your business and happy you are there. Over pricing has been heard of in some of the markets but I have never experienced it in Minglanilla market. Everyone is generally friendly and helpful.