Free Plywood Furniture Plans For Download

After the peso-peso machine I have recently started looking at other projects you may also find interesting. The reason I have gone down the Plywood route is that a lot of the local furniture (local being here imported not made in the Philippines) is sub standard and laminated which in this heat just bubbles and peels.

Plywood on the other hand if treated correctly won’t have termite problems but can be a well constructed piece of furniture for a lot less money but obviously you will either have to get your hands dirty or hire a local carpenter to do it for you. Either way works out cheaper than the junk generally found in the malls. For me these types of furniture are ideal for the rentals as they are cheap, repairable and can also be altered to suit the shape of the buildings.

plywood toy box plansplywood TV centre plansplywood bookcase plans

Canply Canadian Plywood  have these plans ready for download :-

2 comments for “Free Plywood Furniture Plans For Download

  1. david
    November 16, 2011 at 2:46 am

    nice find matt. you might want to look for plywood in cebu called tuffply. the guys up in manila use it for boats.and swear by i think its gotta be good.