Free medical care in the Philippines and family accidents

My father in-law was in a recent motorcycle accident that resulted in some urgent medical care. He didn’t want to bother us with the problem and as such went to a nearby public hospital. Unfortunately for him the hospital refused to treat him (which is actually illegal) so headed up to Minglanilla and the district hospital offered to stitch the wound with an old needle and thread they had already used on someone else.
End result he went home without any real assistance with an injury to his face and head both needing stitches. We didn’t find out until a few days later from April’s sister at which point we go them to go to a private hospital. Which resulted in a lecture from the doctor as to why didn’t the other 2 government hospitals deal with this and also telling him that didn’t he realise the first 24 hours are the most important to avoid infection.
But I am glad to say he is now recovering after having his face and head stitched back together and he was wearing a helmet at the time.