Free Carlos Celdran – ( protestor of the Churches intereference in the Philippines new health bill )

I first heard about the protest from CebuTechBlogger it involved Carlos going to a Manila Mass wearing  a sign that said "DAMASO." and clad in Jose Rizal attire. Protesting "Stop getting involved in politics!" before being taken away by Police. Now as a foreign national its not for me to attest what people should think or do as simply this isn’t my country. What I would say though that the government and church should run side by side not hand in hand as they provide different needs for people. Government to “Govern” and church for peoples spiritual needs. Neither should really need to or try to intervene in what the other does. But here in the Philippines the church can make or break a politician Erap does blame the Church for his downfall as they rallied people against him. Which is a sign the church is too strong and currently the church is protesting at President Benigno Aquino and threaten with possible excommunication because of his stance on the health bill.

My question is what does the Church see for the Philippines future? Its an overpopulated country with limited resources and overstretched infrastructure. What future can the church offer if people keep having so many children? The ignorance of contraceptives has also helped create STD problems and no doubt the figures for AIDS will be a lot higher than expected if screened purely because its a problem that is ignored. I was surprised on how some people understand how AIDS is transmitted from one person to another and not really having any true understanding of the disease as well as others. Truth is if people were better educated on the risks of sexually transmitted diseases no doubt this would lead some people to avoid sexual contact where they would see the risks too high. Surely that is a better way to deal with things? education..

Anyway getting back on topic if you want to help free Carlos he is on facebook his facebook page reads :-

This page is created by friends of Carlos Celdran clamoring for his release, condemning the antiquated views of the church, and supporting the Reproductive Health Bill to uplift Filipinos’ lives. On September 30, he was taken away by policemen when he walked in the Manila Cathedral armed with a placard that read "DAMASO." Clad in Jose Rizal attire, he protested "Stop getting involved in politics!" before he was taken away. Now, he is detained in a Manila city jail.