Free advertisements on my websites

Currently I have a few websites that are either in development or like this one fully running. At the moment I am struggling to get around as much as I would like until I get my scooter sorted next month (buying a faster one) as the Jeepy although I love driving it due to the time restraints and the spread of people on this Island and others I struggle to get to everyone and don’t like going to some and then not others so one of the solutions I came up with is that YOU if you own a restaurant, bar, resort or any other business can write an article about it and I will add it into TropicalPenpals and if relevant to some of the other sites. What is in it for me? Well for a start businesses I don’t know the location of I will be able to find you and do a review article in the future. But mainly its to your benefit as you will be reaching around 400 people a day on TropicalPenpals if its relevant. The only restraint from my end is I will need at least 2 photos of your establishment as well as the article. If your no good at writing articles throw me a rough draft and I will rewrite it for you. Either way here is a chance to gain free advertisement on a site that is not only got a fair few readers but in your own context. The better your article the better the response you will get.

Drop me your articles at  Subject :- FREEAD.