France intensifies warning of travelling to the Philippines over the Christmas period due to heightened crimes expected.

Although not new it does seem the Philippines government feels offended by the fact that many countries including the United Kingdom, United States, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and France are warning people not to come here.

Adding to that France issued another travel advisory this week warning French nationals of the rising criminality during the festive season. This followed less than a month ago where France warned of risk of a tourist attack in the Philippines.

The new advisory stated that “general crime and kidnappings” are expected to rise throughout the Philippines particularly during this period. Following with the fact each year general crime and kidnappings are on the rise during the festive period.

The Philippines government has questioned the advisory notices, but from a personal perspective its pretty obvious with the elections still fresh there is still risk of political killings as well as the generalised crime. Foreigners are an easy target being un-allowed to carry firearms and the recession has also no doubt played its part in this issue tied with the inflation of the country.

Although France being more diplomatic stated on November 14th a jewellery robbery in a shopping mall in Parañaque City resulted in the robbers throwing a grenade during their getaway at their pursuers resulting in the wounding of at least five people

"Risk of violence exists throughout the territory of the Philippines, particularly in public places," the French advisory noted.

The advisory note followed with a general hygiene warning asking travellers to seek protection themselves from microbial infections such as avian flu. Requesting they avoid raw or undercooked foods especially meat and eggs. Advising to carry and use an alcohol solution for cleaning of the hands regularly.

With extreme groups operating within the Philippines such as Abu savyaf in Western Mindanao and Basilan, Sulu archipelago and Tawi-Tawi the French government are advising people to avoid those areas completely and strongly discourage anyone going there.