Fort San Pedro Visit – Photos


We were on route to the Galleon that has docked at Cebu and dropped into Fort San Pedro on the way as the queues for the Galleon were outside. I won’t go over the historical information purely because another article exists in the blog already with that information. This will just cover today’s visit with its photos. Cost us P30 each to get in and no parking fee (Cars you have to pay for but motorcycles no).

above entrance Main Building What I can only assume is the exhibit hall but it was closed today














It was a typically sunny day in Cebu so if your making the trip make sure to bring some water. There were vendors outside but not many and I don’t think they will be there after the Galleon moves off next week.

IMG_0079 IMG_0080

Entrance Wishing well

Philippines flag at main entrance Moss growing up the walls

Fort Wall rooms at exhibit hall

seating area along wall

Pictures in entrance area Pictures in entrance area

Not a lot to say but hopefully the pictures say everything.. Keeps people occupied for an hour maybe but not a lot going on just nice to look at and relax. Didn’t see a restaurant on site which was a pity. But well worth going at least once.