Forgetting where you have come from – Philippines

It often amazes me the acts of some people who suddenly become 10ft tall when they have in most cases came by money via others. They forget they used to live in a small house with most of their family and the leaking roof because now they have married a foreigner or have moved abroad giving them access to wealth that somehow makes them feel bigger or better than others. Truth of the matter is your wealthy in the Philippines and that pretty much sums it up. When they head back to work after they have emptied their purse or husbands wallet they will be back to the long hours and tedious days. What makes people like it? I have seen it a lot lately and to be honest its something that disgusts me. Do people forget a lot of people don’t have anything and someone riding in to town saying look at me I am better than you I can afford this and have that and on top of it all its come via a husband not earned not a single centavo. But even those who fund trips back home after many months of hard labours in jobs that often nobody else wants they still arrive with a smile and a positive spin on life. Its important that people tell the truth when home not the shining new PSP, Nintendo Wii or plasma TV but the mortgage that is financially crippling and sending so much money home puts a strain on marriage and a burden on the budget. Its not being open about the problems abroad which makes people assume that abroad = rich not the fact that costs of living abroad are often keeping things tight at best add the burden of allowances and remittances and suddenly your working 16 hours a day and getting worn out for nothing as the load becomes to hard to bare.

People often find me a bit strange here a prime example was a recent fiesta when one of my wife’s friends commented that I don’t get mad when people are speaking Cebuano instead of English at the end of the day I am here not sat in the UK I do sometimes get frustrated with my lack of knowledge of the language and the fact people shorten words without reason to the point sometimes it doesn’t make any sense unless you already knew it had been shortened but all in all I can get by. I don’t drive a new car and we don’t live in a big house we have no need for either. I also don’t like to appear boastful or rich compared to others as I don’t value friendship in cash and flashy goods. My best friends have always been people who are down to earth because we remove the barriers of wealth so that real friendships can blossom. The other thing is I look at everything as a perspective business like today I am thinking car at the same time I am looking at the Multicab jeepney going past which has its franchise up for sale thinking if we spent the money on the multicab instead it could be earning money rather than draining it. Same with a house one sold nearby for P1m and it could have easily sold for P1.6m but as we drove past I was thinking if we had bought it (if they had told us when it was for sale we would have done!) we could have turned the back section into two apartments and the front as the main house. This would have covered our water,electric, internet etc. and left some small profit towards building another couple of apartments.

So if your out there wanting to tell others how great your doing please remember that

A. a lot of the people your talking to haven’t got a lot so your rubbing their nose in it.

B. a lot of the time it isn’t your money marriage doesn’t count as “earning” the money. On top of that you should be more respectful to your husband and the frittering of his cash.