foreigners with bad attitudes in the Philippines

I got an email follow up of another one that was sent by someone the other day. Which basically said that I hadn’t replied because I didn’t have the guts to and was I hiding behind my keyboard. Well if he had read my blog I had answered in full so everyone can see what I was complaining about.

I have seen it a few times here because Foreigners are often privileged in many scenarios mainly down the assumption we are all rich. So if your in a jewellers for example you will quickly see staff moving round to serve you ignoring others especially when commission is involved. Obviously the expat thought he had the same “rights” with me. But everyone is the same as far as I am concerned. Not only had I written a reply swiftly it was live within a day. The other mistake he made was assuming I actually cared on what he was doing or had done. Its irrelevant in my life and he was lucky he got any response as simply I had no interest in what he is up to. Not arrogance or superiority complex but simply I neither have the time to deal with it as I have more important things to do and it was counter productive. If for example someone emails me asking about advice on buying a home etc. I will happily respond as its helping someone. But someone complaining about something I wrote previously that they disliked the “facts” is a completely different thing.

Either way remember when your here people have stereotypes of how we are lets try not to be the angry foreigner who expects to be treated like a king. At least not 24/7.