For the Philippines to develop its roots need to be planted firmly in education.

roots of educationIts something that has bugged me a lot since I got here but its something the UK also suffers with in increasing numbers. Education levels are declining and I find in the Philippines where the majority of population are getting geared towards industries to get them to leave for a better life its definitely not helping the situation.But also like the UK I find the basics are disappearing such as wanting to get educated to get a better future as well as manners and respect.

For example the “Hey Joe, you give me money” is not something I find acceptable behaviour and yet you find it shouted out on a regular basis. The local term I would use for saying such is bastos meaning no manners. This is where the problem lies though as doing the basics at a young age builds the foundation of education and direction to develop over a lifetime. Littering in the street, swearing, graffiti are all typical signs of decay in society and that’s not even scratching the fact that subjects have to be covered more in modern techniques. Is it funding? personally I don’t think so a lot of the issues are down to corruption and manipulation. For example allowing books to arrive and be stocked “tax free” as well as a widespread introduction of free libraries for education would heavily boost peoples chain of thinking but also develop new directions of thought and ideas. Society should be built on knowledge and a child’s education should be nercherd into something that creates a positive way of life for them and the people around them.

Education shouldn’t just be for the rich and in fact the better the education and smarter the population the more likely people are to get work at home and abroad. I find many key business features pretty much missing from the Philippines and turning round those trends would improve life for everyone. The health bill may be heavily contested by the church same as a refusal to change the divorce laws in the Philippines at the same time does anyone ask why? Because I know if the divorce laws changed there would be a huge influx of people getting divorced, there are people co-habiting all over the place with marriages they cannot dissolve and when I say co-habiting I don’t mean the person they are married with. This is part of the issue as there is no point preaching from the bible XYZ on the way people live if they just pick the bits they like and ignore the rest. Education brings morality, dignity and respect without it you end up with chaos or a stagnant society.

For me though its mainly one thing that concerns me the amount people are missing out on by not even reading some of the literary greats of our time. Instead of badly drawn cartoons with a loose story and violent scenes wouldn’t it be better that a child reads Dickens or listens to audio books of Roald Dahl?

Big question here is has anyone seen any of the books in any book store as generally I find surplus bargain basement books in many of the stores around Cebu. I am sure there are locations with the literary greats but they need to be more prominent for the masses.