Fonte Di Versailles in Tulay Minglanilla and pollution

Fonte Di Versailles is an example of what is wrong with the Philippines but also its worse than that as its image isn’t even close to the way its being sold on the internet. The community is walled off, there are fishermen family cottages still along the sea front and if it did manage to clear them out (it has tried). The waterfront is too low and too rocky for boats which make its beautiful image of how it should be completely false.

fonte-di-versaillesAdding to that Tulay where it sits you will find the sewage has turned that area green and full of domestic waste such as plastic bags. I would also hazard a guess that the tide pushes all the crap down from Cebu city into the same area making the water potentially hazardous.

But this is my point about false image in the Philippines where the belief is you can simply shut off the poor and kick them out of your neighbourhood. As well as selling properties well above what they are really worth which gets me onto something else. Why is it if your one of the first properties on a new development the electrical company and the sub division company try to get you to pay for the main connection? Don’t get caught out get yourself a generator until they sort themselves out. It’s not your responsibility but in typical Philippines fashion they try to make it your problem and that exact thing was ongoing with a home owner in Fonte-di-versailles when I last spoke to him.

The other problem with this location is road access as nothing has been invested in infrastructure. Its easiest access is through what was the old market area but I am unsure if this is passable. The town of Minglanilla has also increased in congestion in recent years due to the added two malls in the town. As nobody added any extra traffic measures or road widening to compensate for the extra traffic.

I like Minglanilla and it’s where we have spent years but I don’t believe in false advertising and I don’t believe in being thrifty with the truth. These homes are expensive and the way it has been marketed is completely wrong. But also Fonte-di-versailles? come on I have actually been to the real one in France and we are not building palaces in Cebu.

That’s the problem we are sold things on a grand scale but people then complain when people find out its fake. I know people who have had a hell of a time with property in Cebu city to the point they have been threatened with gagging orders by developers. Building is unfinished and unsafe, fire exits not connected properly to the exterior of the building, you take your pick but the developers are willing to sue them because if they can tie it up in costs people know in the Philippines money talks. Doesn’t even need to be corruption but simply running the other persons cash dry.

fonte-di-versaillesIf you use Google Earth you can see the line of the seafront matches that of the above. But the water isn’t deep enough for the large boats. The other bit missing here is typhoon season and the waves that crash up against the same beach. We have been pretty lucky in Minglanilla with the typhoons but there were some pretty big waves lapping up along that front during typhoon Haiyan.

I may seem to have hammered the negative side of Fonte-di-versailles but the real estate agents will soon sell you the positives without me having to say a word. But you can see its pretty condensed and I have seen the houses in there and they aren’t what I would want to be spending money on. Although sub division living does give you the added security of having a guard on site.

My gripe is these things are cropping up all over Minglanilla without the infrastructure being developed around them to support it. You can see how narrow the roadways are and although there are many fishermen cottages still along the front. They don’t drive big 4×4’s which no doubt exist inside the sub division. They will generally use public transport. The market outside I haven’t seen in use yet but I have seen other parts of Cebu where you end up with the gates of a sub division heavily congested because of market vendors illegally setting up shop.

Just a few things to ponder if looking to buy here as personally I think there are far better places to be and further down the coast you will find places not suffering with the same levels of pollution that our seafront has.