Flooding in the compound

flooded compoundThe water in our area of Minglanilla wants to reach the river when the rains start but there are common problems throughout the whole area which many seem very obvious to fix. The photo is of the front door area of the house well out of the water due to a concrete driveway section but at the same time everything else seems to get around 1” deep of water every time we get rain for more than 10 minutes. Lack of drainage in the compound is one of the issues but more often than not its also down to the way people construct their houses and walls. They don’t add drainage holes and the extra coverage of land mass creates a larger problem due to less ground area where water can soak into the ground. The more people add concrete and less porous grounds the more likely flooding is going to happen.

This area may look like its a large problem to fix but its more obvious than it seems in the next photo of where the water comes from and where it wants to go. cocogrove, minglanilla,flooded

This is the street next to lot as you can see there is an alleyway to the right and the road goes left. The water is flowing down the road and out of the alleyway straight into the compound. Because if you go past the compound in the direction its trying to flow its the river.

So how will we resolve the problem? Simply adding a small speed bump across the compound front at the gate to divert the water down the road instead. As it gets to the bottom of the road the water will carry on down to the river. Short term solution but I have plans to hopefully get the community in the street to sort the road out between us.