Flooding in Cebu

As we rode back from Cebu city to Minglanilla on the KMK bus it gave me time to look at the flooded roadways, rivers and streams. There aren’t many on the route but the same problems were obvious on all of them. You could see the drains on the roads clogged up completely in some cases with disguarded wrappers and plastic bags, as shop keepers poked them with sticks trying to clear the flood water from outside their stores the busy traffic continued on creating ripples of waves along the road.

As we crossed the overpass in Tubanok you could see underneath the market area road was flooded throughout and down to the river as we crossed the bridge you could see the garbage coming from a water outlet from the shanty that has formed up under the bridge. Dozens of carrier bags and obviously raw sewage was heading into the river. The bags all came from the outlet as besides the area they were coming from the rest of the water heading down river was like a green pea soup but with little other garbage insight except for what was coming from the shanty.

Everything that comes from this flooding problem is about education, not only for the people who disregard rubbish literally everywhere but also the shops that are plastic bag mad. If you buy frozen goods they put it in a small plastic bag before putting it in a large plastic bag yet the meat is already in a clear plastic bag to begin with. Encouraging people to swap things like plastic bags for hotdogs to paper napkins or something else bio-degradable will at least help the situation. Plastic is a problem that just doesn’t need to be there. Some of us are guilty for not taking our own bags to supermarkets for our groceries but at the same time if stores introduced a paper bag policy you would soon see people bringing in their quality bags. On top of this the recycled bags are actually using a lot of disregarded waste aswell as creating co-operative jobs in the Philippines it couldn’t make any more sense to use them. Help the environment, help the people and help yourself to bags the handles wont snap.