Flights to the Philippines

I had a bit of a headache booking a flight for my trip this week due to something I didn’t expect. I phoned an agent who quoted me a deal which was more expensive than i normally pay. So thought OK i will phone round. He asked “should i book it for you?” and I told him I may find a better deal but he said OK will book the seat anyway and I said I would ring back by the end of the day either way.
So phoned around all the deals were around the same sort of prices so thought ok ill book it with the first agent. But that’s when it went a bit odd. Because I had emailed last weekend and no one was available so left a live msg online two agents had received it. This one and another agent both in the same office problem is one had quoted £700 the other £565 for the same flight. But I had also decided to extend my flight up until May. So contacted the first agent for a second quote aswell as the other agent. Who sort of shrugged it off “if he has a better price then use him”. No justification of why the price was different by so much in the same office quoted at the same time. Anyway to cut a long story short I agreed to take the flight which was an outbound flight from London – Doha – Manila – Cebu as it was supposed to have all flights booked.. A few hours later still hadn’t received confirmation of the booking so-called back.. His associate told me his computer was down and he would sort it tomorrow don’t worry it’s already booked! Waited until lunchtime the following day still nothing.. so-called “that seat has already gone sir”. OK can I go another day? “nothing available until the 10th of December unless you book this flight which is one of the last seats available at £850”. So I told him to take a look and if something comes up let me know.. now that’s where E-Bookers comes in. I thought ill get a quote expecting high prices. It came in at £730.00 I picked my seat for a window something that I don’t normally do with the agents I normally deal with and going via Cathy Pacific which is a quicker flight as China has rights of passage over russia where other flights go via a different route. Straight into Hong Kong and then Cebu. No extra stop overs and not too far out-of-pocket. Although it may seem a high price at £730 but there is reasons firstly I am stopping over 3 months (puts the price up) im flying a few weeks before Christmas.. so although I normally pay £500 in September / February you have to pay the price of going in peak season. I would recommend E-Bookers to anyone taking a flight to the Philippines. Very professional service and on top of that I used they’re online email help because i wanted to ask a couple of questions had a reply within half an hour.