First tomatoes from the waste pipes start to form and a few tomato plant tips

TomatoesOne of our tenants will be off to Japan shortly when his tourist visa expires and we were discussing the fact it would be nice to have some tomatoes to show the project works before he went as I know he’s as keen as me on sustainable development. I was watering the plants while mentioning it when I notice the first two signs of tomatoes growing had already appeared in the last couple of days. The typical rapid growth for the region is always something that amazes me as you can literally see new life forming and changing every day when you look around the garden.

A couple of tips I also wanted to share on tomatoes tie in well with tonight’s new developments the first one being Terracotta pots as I know Dave mentioned this a few days ago in regards to his findings on tomatoes. There has to be something positive about the terracotta method as Dave’s worked but I have also found that other people have complained the terracotta pots dry out the soil drawing away moisture from the plants as well. Which here in the Philippines could be a major thing as I have found some days if I water the plants late the soil dries up rather rapidly so increasing this by using pots in this location could damage the plants. But that’s the other thing “location” maybe in another place which doesn’t get as much sun (the plants are in sun most of the day) may not be so critical or in another country which has more rain as the terracotta would then be useful in removing excess water from the plants rather than hinder.

Another finding I have is that the more the tomato plants are in the sun the bigger the growth, growing three different layers you can see the top plants with no sun blocked are growing at least 1/3rd more in pace and obviously also going to be the first ones to bare fruit. It has got my mind working on a larger scale tube across the balcony front in full sun view all day as this should give a high yield.

A final note when watering during the day it pays not to water the leaves due to the direct sunlight you can cause burns to the plant so having a directional water flow that only goes into the soil is important.