First signs of rain season being here – 40,000 may be evacuated in southern Philippine floods

Up to 40,000 people may be forcibly evacuated after torrential rains caused heavy flooding in the southern Philippines, an official said Tuesday.

Ten villages in the town of Sultan Kudarat on southern Mindanao island were under waist-deep waters after a river overflowed its banks due to rains that began on Friday, local social welfare department head Pombaen Kadir said.

"We are preparing to evacuate them," Kadir told AFP.

"They still do not want to leave their homes which are now under waist-deep water, but we may force them to leave once the situation deteriorates."

She said the main highway that cuts through the affected areas had been rendered impassable to light vehicles.

Army troops in the area have also dispatched trucks to help in the planned evacuation efforts, she said.


Today is the first time I have watched TV in a while I pretty much avoid it like the plague for several reasons but I do try to get the news when I get chance. A lot of tonight’s articles are covering the fact that we are heading into the Wet or Rainy Season and that “suspected” landslides as well as flooding will be the usual order of the day. Part of the major problem besides the loose soil and housing developments being built nearby. Is that the rivers are deeply congested with litter I often wonder although the Philippines does lack a lot of infrastructure how much of things like the flooding and spread of disease afterwards could at least be minimised by reductions in poor waste management. I am not just talking governmental but also the fact people think its “OK” to just disregard rubbish into sewers, rivers or a neighbouring lot. This problem isn’t caused by the government as a lot of this stuff is down to peoples education and laziness. As many of the items could even be recycled or used as fertilizer. Anyway just dropping a quick article to warn of the forthcoming rains.