First post ever stopped from comments

I try to keep things as open as possible here but the last couple of days a post that was very basic pointing out the fact the chances of meeting a better person is literally better “meeting in person” than online and perhaps via friends is the way to go for people wanting to meet others. It quickly moved from that to exploitation and other accusations on someone’s business as well as generally slandering all expat’s. Debate is one thing but when it starts dropping to a level where its miles from the topic on the post as well as false accusations it has to be stopped so regretfully it has and it had to. Normally I just let things run but I could already see its about to have multiple arguments with other people with different view points which is fine except it was nothing to do with the original post. The blog is a hobby for me and something I do to explain what we have been doing here and the things we come across. People aren’t supposed to agree 100% as often they haven’t experienced things or have a Rose tinted view of life in the Philippines until they are here long enough to hit the troughs of life. Its disappointing when things come to this as topical debate is important to get multiple angles on things but here we are finding the blog dropping into the gutter that many people complain they get moderated about on forums.

A few finishing notes..

  • The sex industry isn’t discussed very often on TP as its not relevant to my life here and I have no public view on it purely because it causes to many arguments one way or the other.
  • Business is difficult here for many and often I will complain about the attitudes of people at the same time it is shared by everyone I have met here “Long term” that is business owners of 5 years and upwards. People here on a short term or partial year basis have a completely different view due to not living the local life or business life.
  • I hold no religious views positive or negative but I do have views on the damage done by religion on things they get involved in.

Finally if its not constructive please don’t post as I really do have better things to do with my time than start filtering comments out as people start attacking each other. I don’t want to switch of comments as they are useful for people actually wanting to do something positive or asking for help. This is not a business venture and something I do to just share information.

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  1. Larry
    February 21, 2011 at 3:44 pm

    Since you closed comments on the other article, I feel I should have the opportunity to respond to your comments directed to me.
    I am 100% in agreement that there are many fine law abiding foreigners residing in the Philippines, but I was not talking about them. I was talking about the ones that have internet presence for their own gain of promoting their suspect businesses and escapades. I do not consider them my friends as you alluded to.
    Your comments only back up my observations.
    As far as the restaurant that one website advertises girls available for barfines, I would think the owner of the restaurant would have a complaint against the website owner posting such info, not with me. I did not post it, I can only read what someone posted. If it is libel, the then go after the website owner that allowed it to be posted.
    Your comment that laws to protect Filipinas are not enforced only points out the very reason predators come to the Philippines to pry upon women. These forums and blogs are constantly sharing info, so of course it draws more undesirables to the Philippines.
    Matt, we are not talking of the many good foreigners, as you have stated, they keep to themselves, will not find them making posts on the forums, and are also repulsed from what they see from the bad apples that give other foreigners a bad image. The bad apples deserved to be exposed and using their own words to shine a light on why they are in the Philippines.
    It is quite transparent who are the bad apples, and I believe any one that supports their behavior can be classed in the same group.

    Just a side note, your comment section is very difficult to use. It does not support any editing functions.

  2. February 22, 2011 at 12:31 am

    If your read back through you will find the same people your complaining about I have written many times telling people to avoid and not trust. The same reason you will find I offer no “cash” services on this blog as I don’t want tarring with the same brush. I give free information and I may stick the odd house up for sale but those that have sold even went without commission. Rentals some of those also went without commission depending how much time I spent with the owners. E.g. if they sent the photos over etc. and a quick cut and paste was free. All of the above I do without “exploitation” as I see many people get ripped off here by locals and foreigners alike.

    The contradiction you have is that you say the same people I spend my time with as well as myself have no interest in the sex industry or the people associated with it or the “sexpats” in any form. Which is why TP isn’t orientated around it and at the same time we have distanced ourselves from it. Doesn’t mean we support it simply that its nothing to do with what we are doing and its for the Government to fix. Its not a simple blame the foreigner scenario as many of the people involved in the sex industry are in fact Filipino. On top of that there are a lot of powerful people connected with the industry which is why it continues. I am not here to fix that problem the governments around the world could stop it if they choose to but don’t. Many of the expat’s arriving have histories of sexual abuse and violence the Philippines Government should have access to a “flagged” list that would bar them from even entering the country but it doesn’t. My point being I don’t get involved as simply its too big a problem to fix and the people that have the power and ability to do it don’t.

    Regarding sharing information I have no problem with sharing information for the “General Traveller” which is what TP has there is nothing in here that is based on exploitation. came about because of the sites that “lied” about the Live Like a King in the Philippines and the 101 Ebooks I tell people not to buy. As the picture is of real life here couldn’t get any closer as its mine and my family life here. Instead of some fat Australian writing E-books on a country he isn’t even living in (as he’s back in Australia). In reality putting more information on the internet actually improves the visitors of the Philippines as more people like myself come. I have noticed an increase in the number of “real” people in Cebu which can only help to “shame” others and begin to change the ideas that many of the sexpats have that its “ok” to its unacceptable. This little corner of the world people are happy to ignore and its why the trade has continued but the more people that are “real” expats or tourists arrive the harder it will be to continue the way things currently are.

  3. Larry
    February 22, 2011 at 1:26 am

    I am not accusing you of promoting the seedy side of the Philippines nor encouraging foreigners to come there and continue or start their dubious enterprises.

    Maybe your articles are so buried now, that new readers do not have chance to read your stance on the bad apples.

    The best I can do for the Philippines and future foreigners deciding to make it home, is to expose the bad apples that are there now, and shine light on their activities. I am not concerned about Filipinos, I am concerned about foreigners preying upon other foreigners and exploiting the Filipinas and promoting it all on their websites. If the Philippine government won’t do it, there are plenty of us that will.

    I do not want to be looked at by a Filipino and thought of a sexual predator or worse, because we all tend to paint with a broad brush.

    There are many people with very basic questions that are thinking of moving to the Philippines. If by chance they come across those hundreds of website that advertise Perry’s books, they will for sure get a very slanted view of what to expect. I have several of his books and have read them, so I know of what I speak.
    If they land on LinC, they have the views of maybe a dozen very hateful people and their views of the Philippines is slanted towards their agenda.

    I know I can not control what people do, but I do have the right to expose what I see. I use the bad apple’s own words to cast a light on them. As many have already learned, when the light is cast on roaches the scatter and hide.

    There is a network out there exposing the predators, sex deviants, drunks, wife beaters, etc. We have the ear of many people in the Philippines and growing.

    I can see that you and your blog try to promote the good things and every now and then you will expose what you see is the bad. We need more like you and the ones you say are coming there.

    I will leave it at that. Keep up the good work.