Fire Safety In The Philippines

After spending Christmas and New Years celebrations in Cebu you realise how many fires there are going on here. Ok i come from a fairly small City in the UK with the UK so tight on health and safety and environment that there are committees for committees to make sure they are doing the job correctly. But anyway getting back to the Philippines literally everyday especially when the fireworks where in abundance fires happened daily mainly in Manila and normally 2 or 3 large fires. Mainly blamed on poor electrical circuits which is believable most extension cables and household electrics seem to run on under rated cables with poor insulation. There are many factors that make me worry about the electrics here. Including the fact that poor underrated cables are buried in concrete. If underrated they are then giving off excess heat buried in concrete they have an ideal way of building up heat and a fire beginning. So what’s the point of this post its mainly for people moving here or thinking of buying a house. It may be a better option to buy a shell of a house and then you can monitor the electrics going in as well as the fact most properties lack smoke detectors or other fire prevention equipment. So wiring this in with your own contractor could be the better option as well as knowing the actual ratings of the cables used in your home. Another issue is access many of the locations are inaccessible for fire trucks and overhanging roofs from other buildings give an opportunity to go from a house fire to a complete neighbourhood. So being aware of your location,fire exits and routes is more important here than anywhere else I’ve ever lived and would advise everyone else to be aware of they’re surroundings. There was a case in today’s Newspaper of a Fire Engine being under lock and key due to a political dispute between two people deciding they are mayor all the service vehicles are out of commission in an area. One house burned down 5. The fire engine couldn’t be released from a compound as no one had the key. Just want people to be aware that the people you maybe relying on in a fire is YOU! and your neighbours. Installing an electrical pump if you have a deep well with a hose may come in more handy than watering the plants. I could talk about fire safety all day long but its up to you to make sure you and your family are kept safe.