Fire Safety In Cebu, Philippines

Fire Engines And Station - Mandaue,Cebu,Philippines

The last couple of years I have noticed the appearance of more modern equipment around Cebu island but not a lot. Not just fire but also police and ambulance vehicles. The disappointing thing is how much ancient equipment is still here and fully operational. More importantly with all these condo developments is there enough water and pressure to put a fire out on higher floors and can ladders reach high enough to get people out of burning buildings.

Maybe someone can have a stab at how old the first fire engine is in the photo as I can’t even recognise something this old and the windscreen shape says 70s or earlier.

Why is being cautious of fire important? Because the Philippines suffers with a high level of domestic fires although classing a lot of them domestic would also cover things like people making fireworks in their home for sale. But electrical fires seem to be the normal culprit with overloaded sockets, tapping into electrical poles for free electric and just generally underrated cabling with poor installations.

At the same time I am surprised the fatalities aren’t higher but then again there is always people awake.