Finding Love At Over 50

Its an odd article for me to write as I’m only 35 but I’ve had a few things happen lately which I’m happy to say have helped others. I had a friend arrive a while back who was a bit shell shocked with the Philippines in the way that it hasn’t developed in more than a decade. Best description especially with the state of the roads its a bit like the end of a civil war, but yet nothing has been repaired time has stood still. Which in many cases maybe true as a lot of areas don’t get repairs done. But also he found the poverty a lot higher than expected. I think the biggest problem is many people push the Philippines as Paradise where the truth can be found in some cases for the majority you need to stop just looking outside the compound. Don’t get me wrong for me its a Paradise and I love it here but for others expecting the untouched beaches and beautiful women at every turn of the eye.. it may not happen. The women is for sure because one thing that regardless of the poverty here the women of the Philippines are not only some of the most beautiful women but also have a great playful attitude to life (in general). But if you read up on the internet with pictures of untouched beaches you do get a bit blinded to things until you arrive. Beaches are available but in Cebu its at a cost there are a lot of other islands and probably a lot cheaper to live but me I’m here enjoying the pace of life that allows me to think and enjoy family life. But getting back to the story.. My friend found it difficult on first arrival due to the location as well as meeting women as he wants to retire here and after a bit of time (less than a month!) he has found happiness and I’m really happy for him. I haven’t met his new partner yet for more than a quick hello but its good to know that he is happy and life is moving at a pace they are content with. But another person I met recently is the opposite.. a two week vacation and several women later heading back to his homeland after a sex vacation. The problem I have with this is the fact that the women he was dating are looking for more and give trust. I heard someone before quoting me regarding the fact that Christian women shouldn’t go to bed with a guy before marriage. But a block of wood on his head might knock some sense in the fact that Filipinos are aware WE as westerners are from a different culture. As well as the fact they are responsible to the point that they think a guy has travelled thousands of miles just to see them. They are aware that in the West sex not only is common before marriage but can be as casual as going out to a bar on the weekend and finding a girl who is literally just after sex for the weekend (in the UK). So moral high ground doesn’t really work.. but appreciation that a woman is looking for a relationship not a one night wonder should be expected unless you are looking to change the women in the Philippines to the women of the west which for many is the reason people come here to get away from the unbalanced male / female scenarios which came in with feminists. I don’t see Filipinos as friends I see them as my family, good or bad they accept me for who I am.. all I ask is that if your coming here for that sort of holiday stay away from the good women who are seeking more in life and stick to the bars..