Finding a new life

Moving to the Philippines has not only created a new life for myself due to a more relaxed world that allows me to think rather than controlled with tight deadlines and high costs of living. It offers me the ability to develop new businesses and new ideas but has also allowed my wife April to adapt into a different direction in life. It allows us both to not only adjust to a better way of living but a happy lifestyle which we are lucky enough to help Aprils parents with part of our business developments which will eventually progress us all to a happy life. There has been talk in the past of crab mentality within the Philippines which is basically when a crab will manage to climb so far up a rope for example then all the other crabs grab hold of it and drag it to the bottom of the bucket again. Basically saying everyone is happy as long as no one succeeds above the rest. But I’m glad to say from the rocky start we had in 2007 – 2008 with the house being robbed from under us that cutting out the bad has helped us develop as a family unit. Not just me, Zoei and April but a bigger picture involving under members. What people originally caused the problems with will come back to haunt as things are now starting to progress and develop. Allowing not only our personal wealth to develop but also those who helped us along the way. Those who couldn’t wait to grab at what the could as soon as they could will realise that the mistake was a long term one as there is no longer a place at the table in our prosperity I don’t believe in grudges but I don’t believe in trusting those who once robbed either and I wish anyone who went down that path well and good luck for the future because my hand will never extend in help again..

Cutting a long story short if your coming here to start a new life in the Philippines take everything with a pinch of salt. Some people will try to rob you others you feel guilty because they help even when you don’t ask. The main thing is carve your own future ignore the faults and find your own direction. There are a lot of positives as well as a lot of negatives either way you need to decide what you want to be.. failure or success..

Success will always find a green lining.. regardless of where,when or what is going on.