Finally I am an Alien! ( got my 13a temporary visa card )

We headed off to immigration this morning to finally pickup my 13a although to be fair to immigration I wasn’t in a rush for it. As soon as I had the process in order and the stamp in my passport the visa fees stopped which was the main thing to get it done in the first place. So I had actually decided to collect it at least a month later than they had finished processing it. I took Kento to Immigration aswell who is a friend of ours and its when I got my card which has cost somewhere in the region of P13,000 from start to finish to find Kento had just paid over P7,000 for two months it pretty much shows the huge difference in cost as once the 13a goes permanent it will just be a small annual fee. At the same time Philippines citizenship can be done on year 5. Which may not seem a lot to others but the Citizenship does give a lot of rights that I could do with aswell as being able to operate as a dual citizen.

You have probably noticed the posts are also a bit quieter lately on personal goings on but its mainly down to things being quiet.. I have been trying to take a few days out as simply there has been too much gatherings, beer and brandy lately which although good at the time isn’t good for getting the weight down. So back on the water although looking to start taking on more fresh fruit and coconut water to help with digestion as well. Could do with losing around 30lbs. I am also toying around with the websites still I think TropicalPenpals will stay as it is but ideally the other new sites will be a bit more flexible so that people can find exactly what they want faster.

2 comments for “Finally I am an Alien! ( got my 13a temporary visa card )

  1. David
    June 2, 2010 at 8:44 am

    Hi. Nice site. I just got my permanent residency after being provisional for a year (be sure to follow the rules for filing your application for permanent residency closely). I was wondering about dual citizenship and thought you might know. Does it get a foreigner/citizen all the rights of a Filipino citizen? I am wondering about property ownership, voting, business ownership, etc.

    A side note: I also should mention that I leave the country briefly 2 times a year. In fact I go to the States for 3 weeks on June 7. As a permanent resident I have to pay fees of about P4000 which as a visitor I didn't need to do. Just something for someone considering residency to consider. Thanks

    P.S. Maybe we could do a link exchange. I have 2 expat related sites. My personal blog is expatlifephilippines dot com and the expatsavvy dot com is a commercial site. Let me know.

  2. mattwilkie
    June 2, 2010 at 9:37 am

    Hi David,
    the fees thing is something to be aware of but to be honest you would be hit with more than P4k if you stopped in the Philippines more than 2 months anyway so still one for using the 13(a) as regards links will add you now (im in the back end of the site).