Filipinos can’t follow simple guidelines

I was sent this link by a friend in regards the inability of Filipino’s being able to follow even the most simple of rules never mind laws. Now before someone starts complaining its unfair and biast from an outsider its written by a Filipino! The reason I posted this bit is I often notice Filipino’s don’t read advertisements properly either as I post various things for sale/rent and they will always ask questions about things that are in the title of the advert in the first place.

The other thing is to be honest in nearly everything I agree as I find things here difficult for the sake of being difficult or in many cases people are too lazy to do their jobs which means things like marketing for a business never seems to get done and things are more on a if you know basis go along which does mean many businesses then struggle to expand because of no marketing at all in a lot of cases. You look at the internet and compare websites on the Philippines for business to other countries most things don’t exist and if they do they are nearly always unfinished, nobody answers emails and prices are never shown.

But moving away from that the article discusses the higher archy where someone gets in a position of power and will generally abuse it and not follow rules,laws and regulations themselves and at the same time expect other people to follow their guidelines. Thing is weak leadership leads to bad discipline and in military terms is a complete disaster so what happens when an entire country does it?

For me one of the most common things wrong is the time keeping which is one of the most basic functions. Punctuality not only shows good organisation but good manners, many times I get people turn up late and laugh it off as “On Filipino time” its not funny and its unacceptable which is one of the reasons I don’t meet up with so many people these days an hour for lunch together should never become 3 – 4 hours because they are too lazy to turn up on time with a complete disregard for others.

Which is an important point explained in the article “its all about me” which is something I can completely understand as the same mentality is leaking into the UK same as everyone’s a hero or in the UK term “going to be the next big thing”. Have a look around there are millions of people what makes you stand out and shine above everyone else? Probably pushing into a queue, acting arrogant or other things lacking in manners. For me people acting this way here and in the UK it means to me they are uneducated, undisciplined and generally just rude. Someone I wouldn’t want to associate with in the slightest so why do so many people do it? At the airports when travelling the only place I see people rushing to push in as a flight is called is the Philippines or coming to the Philippines a big brawl of shoving to get on the plane first. Guess what you have a seat number nobody is going to steal your seat! I sit and read for an extra 10 – 15 mins and then just walk onto the plane without any stress or fuss why can’t others they call seat numbers to make it as easy as possible but maybe people know more than the air courier does?? I don’t think so..

Always being the victim if doing something wrong is also something brought up in the article and you see it all the time here. Police are generally looking for arrests of foreigners for underage girls, bikini bar violations and human trafficking. The questions I would ask though are who owns the bars that the bikini bars are in as they are generally owned by Filipinos and many by the same political families that you hold in government. Underage girls is wrong with any male as its rape if under age yet why do I not see Pinoy’s arrested and jailed for impregnating girls of 13 which is very common in the provinces? Human trafficking can only function with large scale assistance from Filipinos at all levels as people need to leave the country, be recruited here and everything from passports to talking people into leaving has to be organised locally. The end clients may be foreign countries with foreigners but generally look at human trafficking with any other country strangely enough its being run by the same nationalities as the country the girls came from not foreigners. You can answer your own questions on why Foreigners are made a target instead of locals, I can understand it makes good news headlines at the same time your ignoring the real problem the foreigners are generally small fish in a big pond yet your not even looking for the big fish. Where does the victim come into this besides blaming the foreigner for everything? Well read the article it explains the drug mules (that broke Chinese laws) and Noynoy (President Aquino) when he makes bad decisions.

But why is following rules and laws important? Well partly why I am in the Philippines is seeing the UK going crazy in the other way with rules and regulations for everything as well as rules and laws being racially biast. Which is why I can probably see things standing out more than most (my work was very sensitive to race, religion and disabilities). But imagine the rest of Asia acted the way the Philippines does now we would be facing a food shortage over the whole of Asia because nobody is producing, don’t believe me how does the Philippines go from the largest produce of rice and exporting to now relying on its neighbours?

Imagine China continues to teach is nurses as well as domestic helpers in larger numbers and they become fluent in English as well as work cheaper than Filipinos abroad how different would the OFW picture look and the collapse of the Philippines economy. I often see people here not educating properly even on the basics there seems to be a severe lack of discipline in the value of education where your neighbouring countries respect education as simply a good education means a way out of poverty and in the Philippines means a way out of the country. Which gets me to another point a survey was done with call centre workers asking if they were satisfied with their employment and most weren’t they were also not satisfied with their salary or current education level. But which question wasn’t in the survey they should have asked and is on most Filipinos minds? “If you could go abroad would you?” the answer would always be yes, now the problem with that is the decline in health, education in fact all services as simply your best leave as soon as they can and to be honest I doubt many of them will come back. They may own retirement homes here but it doesn’t mean they will retire in them. Its these people that are never asked about the truth of being outside and looking in as OFW’s know the real differences of the world that most Filipinos never see. Regarding the call centre workers being happy think the only solution to that for most is leaving the country because its one of the groups closest to the borders looking out across the internet horizon.

But more importantly what could change to make things better? For me the important thing is everyone admitting their part of the problem instead of making excuses about things just being laid back. Even if you look at your so called leaders how many of them finished education in the Philippines?? In fact how many live in the Philippines full-time? Even Tommy Osmena here in Cebu when he needed an operation headed to the U.S. instead of using local hospitals. For me its a bad sign when people at the top are telling you everything is fine and great, continue with the party when they don’t even use the basic functions of a country themselves. A country is built on education and being sustainable the fields need to be growing crops to cut debt and stop i
mports, the educated need to start developing the infrastructure and rebuilding the health and government services but more importantly people need to start following laws, regulations and basic manners to help lift the country out of its current situation.