Filipino humour – funny photos

With everything being so serious lately I decided to switch off to it all as it gets boring and simply decided to add things that are funny instead. On a final statement though for those of you who are American the issue is your government and its International actions personally I have nothing against the majority of American people except for the racists, religious radicals both Christian and Muslim as well as people that believe Glenn Beck. If you don’t fit into those categories then your pretty much guaranteed I have no issue with you at all.funny filipino signs

Filipino sponge bob found

why internet dating is dangerous

littering is fine 

New S+R promotion

why filipina's look sexy on motorbikes

Drag racing

monkey tattoo

Before anyone says hey most of these aren’t about the Philippines there is a reason for that they are from sites Filipino’s use the whole point was what a lot of Filipino’s are finding funny at the moment. Enjoy your day.