Filipino Artists

  • I originally came up with the idea for this topic last year but one thing i realised then was the fact there was little information on the internet and left it to one side. But something came up on a forum a while ago that basically states that Filipinos have little interest in Arts.. So here i am proving people wrong as usual. The Philippines may have a lot of poor but I also believe the fact that its not all MTV and Nintendo Wii leaves people more time to think and be creative allowing Art to develop not only in paintings and graphic ability but also musically and other art forms.

  • 1Rommel Lugada: Filipino Artist – The Filipino Artist



  • benjie "i s t u D y O" – The Homepage of Benjie Cabangis, Filipino Artist – The artist’s portfolio of abstract paintings, drawings and prints.



  • 2 Filipino artist Michael Sacramento’s paintings and artwork as they relate to love, life and his Filipino heritage. Another site relating to the artist is here



  • Allan Edgar Fornesa – Art in Living — View the artworks on pastel, oil, etc. and know the artist behind them..and the paradise where he lives.. Sadly the artists website isnt online and also very little information if you have a link to a live site or if you would like to start a blog dedicated to the artists works please let me know and ill set one up for FREE.

  • amfpa2 AMFPA Philippines – The official site of the Assoc. of Mouth & Foot Painting Artists

  • Association of Mouth &
    Foot Painting Artists, Inc.

    64-G Kaliraya Street cor. Araneta Avenue,
    1100 Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

    TEL: 711-4033, 712-3138;
    FAX: (63 2) 712-3138, 931-6994

  • 3 Arnold Arre – Fantasy artist and award-winning graphic novellist Arnold Arre’s world.




  • 4 Art from the Heart – Artist/Painter, Raqs Santos-Garcia’s online gallery: Inspired by french impressionist’s Claude Monet & Vincent van Gogh, Raqs displays her art done in oil, pastel & acrylic mediums.



  • 5 – Watercolor samples of Mamerto T. Evangelista.





  • 6 Art, Illustration & Graphic Design by Bayani de Leon – Bayani de Leon / Artist Homepage







  • artworks of Paul Albert Reasonda Quiaño – a portfolio of works by Philippine artist Paul Albert Reasonda Quiaño another artist where the website has gone dead. There is very little info so anyone who has more information and an upto date link or wants to start a blog relating to the artist please contact us.

  • Works by Dr. William T. Chua in his recent one man Art Exhibit held at the EDSA Shangri-La Plaza Hotel. No upto date links available. Please contact admin if you have more information.

  • cruzan cyber art-gallery – Filipino Master Artists including works by Manansala, Anita Magsaysay-Ho, BenCab, Arturo Luz, Joya, HR Ocampo. Another dead link and site if someone can send me an upto date link will add it.

  • 7 Cynosure ARTs – Filipino artist works for Marvel Comics



  • 8 dagliang pagpinta 2000 – prize-winning artworks of students from the NHI-sponsored painting contest




  • dennis galvez – online portfolio (cartoons, caricatures, comix, design)

  • Digital Dustbin – Ivy Rose Baldoza’s online portfolio.

  • Dindo Peralta:INDIO: – A diversed sample of works by a Filipino Art director based in Singapore.

  • 9 Edgar ‘Egai’ Talusan Fernandez – The unofficial site of a well known Social Realist Artist. A filipino painter Egai Fernandez who is devoted to the words ‘fine arts.’







  • F. Capistrano Art Studios – Professional visual arts r
    elated services

  • Feminine Weave by a Mindanao Artist – worldview of a Mindanao woman theatre, music, and visual artist

  • 10 Fernando Amorsolo’s Homepage – The life and works of a National Artist (Arts)





  • 11 Gerry Alanguilan: Comic Book Artist and Architect – On-line Art Gallery and Journal






  • Gil Rondan:VISUAL ARTIST – Paintings & Photography of an Ilonggo artist based in Michigan

  • GINTONG KINANG – Allan Edgar Fornesa an impressionist…view his collection of paintings in oil, pastel, sculptures..Done through the teachings of the famous late Ibarra.. (still under construction, good for the next two weeks)

  • 12 Lenore RS Lim – Lenore RS Lim, NY-based Filipino artists, is the country’s foremost international printmaker. Her delicate works is the fusion both her technical mastery of etching and serigraphy and her artistic gifts to see, feel and express the beauty of living.


  • Moon Dragon Art Gallery – Filipino Contemporary and Classical Painters: World Class Works of Art

  • 13 Obra Maestra – A arts page featuring classic paintings by Filipino masters, from the 1800s to the early 1990s






    • Agnes Art – I am Agnes and I hope you enjoy my blog and paintings. I have previously created art that was given to a Belgium charity for sale at auction and currently developing my work for sales within and outside of the Philippines






    • p Paok – Is a friend of ours but his high quality artwork speaks for itself. He has won several competitions and definitly an artist going places.



    I really struggled with getting this list together so PLEASE feel free to email me if you have art websites or you are an artist who wants to be added.

    4 comments for “Filipino Artists

    1. Tropicalpenpals
      June 5, 2009 at 11:16 am

                   I think its important to promote Philippines Arts and Culture and im glad you feel the same about it the way I do.

    2. Matt Wilkie
      June 5, 2009 at 11:16 am

                   I think its important to promote Philippines Arts and Culture and im glad you feel the same about it the way I do.

    3. June 24, 2011 at 10:19 am

      I agree. We need a central website where people can read and see Filipino artists and their creations. An official website linking local galleries too. Been admiring how artists from India have managed and are successfully promoting their local artists this way. If you try searching online for websites to buy Filipino art from… you’ll end up being more confused than helped. I’m glad I’m not alone in feeling this. Thank you.

      • Profile photo of OLDARTICLES
        June 24, 2011 at 1:01 pm

        Im not sure who would be the people to take it forward though as ideally it needs to be an Arts governing body that assists artists develop a career and skills.