Filipina by definition is a female from the Philippines yet generally I don’t hear others using the term except for foreigners. Some people don’t like the term being used at the same time this article is in reference to Filipina the women of the Philippines.

It is very easy to come across negativity of Filipina’s especially abroad but in all honesty I think half the problem is the guys in the first place and then the other being the majority of women they marry are low class and immoral. Because generally the Filipina’s I know are not scheming to rob a husband as soon as they have a foreign passport or looking to grab the house that their partner owns as soon as they get abroad. They are in fact looking for a stable,reliable relationship for which often foreign men are assumed to be able to offer.

Problem being that a lot of the guys coming to the Philippines are the dregs of society (40% sex tourists according to the U.S. Senator for the Philippines). Not sure if this statistic is right but the number of good to bad people I meet I would actually say its higher (bad people also involves child abusers, drug traffickers, wife beaters etc). Often the women are the innocent party in most things going on not only here but abroad. I do here the sob stories and many can be true but more often than not you find out other things later that you weren’t aware of.

I spent a lot of time around women here and have a fairly large network of Filipina’s I talk to and its strange how this blog opened up many peoples complex lives asking for advice and help. Because that is one of the problems with many women here is they just put up with it regardless of the general frustrations of life. The number of women I know who have been cheated on by husbands and boyfriends previously is a lot higher than I would find in the UK that is for sure. At the same time I do also wonder why. When talking to other foreigners about it though they will comment on the fact many women will go with a guy simply for the guy taking some interest, that I can believe to a point. Discussing with a local guy why his girlfriend of 7 years left him for a foreigner it came down to the fact she wanted to get married, waited 7 years and he spent most of his time with his friends and beer. Guys seem to take decades to mature here beyond that of other countries, the women on the other hand generally don’t get that luxury as a Filipina is not only the wife and mother but often the breadwinner as well. I do sit and look at some peoples lives here and think why did this woman stay married to this guy for over thirty years he treats her worse than a servant?

But this is the fact with many Filipinas they commit to the family and although I find the religion in the Philippines polluted the mix of family values and keeping the family are often what drive the relationships. This is often why I question why people are in a bad relationship because often you will find although married they also have a girlfriend, but did they ever mention to the girlfriend about the wife before the relationship started?

A Filipino wife can make one of the best life partners you will find if you meet the right one and are the right type of person. I find most are just after a simple life without complications and quite happy to stay here or go abroad as long as life is good. Standards and expectations in life are a lot lower than I have ever found in a Western woman at the same time I never really had an issue with the expenses before in a Western society. Its just when you split and find you have nearly 70% extra cash available I did wonder why I wasn’t single in the UK sooner. At the same time money has never really been critical to a relationship for me, happiness and wellbeing has. Family orientation is what makes my life currently content here in the Philippines.