Filipina Maid in Manila forced to have sex with dog couple are arrested.

Quezon City, Philippines a live-in couple have been arrested and charged for rape in relation to forcing their maid to have sex with their pet dog last year. Also charges of illegal detention has been brought about due to locking the 22 year old maid in the house after she attempted to escape her ordeal.

Antonio Sansano aged 63 and his partner Estrella Panorilla aged 37 have been charged as the cases have been brought to Quezon City Regional Trial Court

Assistant City Prosecutor Veronica Pagayatan said she found probable cause to indict the couple for two counts of rape under the Revised Penal Code.
The case stemmed from a complaint by the maid that her employers forced her to have sexual intercourse with their pet dog sometime in March 2008 and on April 2, 2008 at their house at 21 Mabini St. in Barangay Sta. Lucia, Novaliches, Quezon City. In support of the case the file showed records from December 26th 2007 up until April 3rd, 2008 Panorilla repeatedly mistreated their maid this involved slapping her face, beating her head against the wall, physically kicking the victim and pouring boiling hot water over the maids body.

Under investigation of the victim they found her hearing was badly affected and her left ear has been left deformed as a result of the beatings she received.

Although this seemed extreme it wasn’t enough to satisfy their sick minds which then moved to forcing the maid to be raped by their dog as they held her down. They grabbed her by each foot and their house boy held the maid’s hands to stop her escaping before they mounted their dog on the maid. On both occasions this humiliating act was forced upon the maid the couple then sexually satisfied themselves on watching the dogs penis enter the maid the case notes stated.

After the second rape the couple began locking the maid in a room at the home. Her ordeal ended on April 3rd 2008 when a Police raid by Quezon City Police District Station 5 happened in response to a tip off.Sansano and Panorilla were charged with rape before Branch 88 of the QCRTC. Presiding Judge Rosanna Fe Maglaya issued warrants of arrest against them, and they are now detained at the Quezon City Jail. Bail was set at P240,000 each.

There are also lesser cases being filed against the couple for less serious injuries to the maid.