Saturday was Fiesta here in Upper Calajo-an, Minglanilla and a pretty busy day. It was a good day to meet a lot of relatives I hadnt seen in a while and in many cases had yet to meet. Mainly started with lots of eating and a steady flow of people arriving at my parents inlaw which continued throughout the day and into the night.. the beer drinking also started a bit too early for me as I had mainly snacked at food when I ate as I wasnt hungry at the time. Due to a bandstand being errected on the main road up unto our location I had also decided to make sure I didnt need to go out as usual things get a bit disorganised when there are bands playing or other events going on. Because carparking goes to more abandoned than parked and people will stand in the way rather than move.. Which Aprils uncle experienced on the way in and being a fairly important Colonel for Cebu Aprils father helped to keep things on a low key and happy affair before something serious happened. All in all a good day with lots of chatting beer and food then eventually the day fell into night and we were still drinking and eventually I ended up watching a live band outside one of the smaller houses. The drummer being one of Aprils cousins. Im hoping that I can help get them some work as theyre a pretty good cover band just need a bit of organisation to get the music to flow better. Eventually at 5:30am (yes AM) the party was over and time for bed. To say I was hungover was an understatement I eventually woke up around 3pm and still recovering from the effects of too much alcohol and not enough food and water. Still it was fun.. although its time to cut out the beer for a few months as there has been celebrations every week lately.