Fiesta in Minglanilla


Operating as partial operators of the Minglanilla Fiesta we had friends over this afternoon to experience Aprils foods which offer a mix of local and interesting dishes.. mainly the interesting dishes are for me! as the majority of others are happy with the Lechon Baboy (BBQ pig!) but  as usual April raises the bar and today was no exception with an interesting mix of of salad and pasta with grapes offering a refreshing dish with a bit of juiciness in it which left some of our guests puzzled on what the meal tasted like as its something new to their taste buds.. All I can say is I love it as it offers a sweetness and juicy taste to what could have been a bland salad otherwise.

No complaints here except I should get these lazy bones back in the kitchen to serve up some spiced dished to see peoples expressions and tastes on foods that aren’t regional but can offer a completely different texture and “hotness” to food..