Few days of relaxing

For the last 2 weeks I have been down with what appears to be some kind of flu like virus. This was followed by the other day after stretching to drill some holes for a few hours a sore back which is one of those irritating ones where I only seem to be comfortable if lay down. Sitting at the desk it just feels that all my weight is balancing on the base of my spine shooting pain into my fingers and toes so its pretty much lounging around for a few days while I get my body back into check.

I am however looking forward to the trip down to Negros Oriental coming up on the 26th as it does seem a complete contrast to Cebu and to be honest I love the remote living stuff as I find too much of western culture has leaked into the Philippines which is damaging culture and traditions. So while there are still people out there who may not be getting the same sort of influences that the main cities bring with the TV networks and internet I would like to see how things are in remote areas.

To be honest the influences are a little bit of a strange mix in the Philippines as you find Korean fashion mixing with gang culture and things like the American NBA. Just seems a bit random sometimes as I personally don’t understand Korean male fashion as it does seem a lot of the time the guys wear women’s blouses to make a fashion statement, just seems odd to me. Although I am glad the football bug has caught the Philippines and hope it continues (Football as in Soccer) as its a sport even the poorest of people can excel at if they have the ability.