Few days after our new son’s arrival

Its been a busy few days with adjusting to our new arrival who has given us an entirely new routine which generally means little sleep and regular attention. An important thing I want to mention and something that really needs reinforcing in the Philippines is that there is no other better milk for a baby than breast milk. My wife is a strong believer in breast feeding and although in the West wasn’t really an issue I would normally get involved in I do think it needs to be put forward as a serious problem in the Philippines that corporations such as Nestle try to sell Milk as making your kids taller and smarter by drinking powdered milk. Want to know the truth? Breast milk makes kids smarter not sure about the height but in a country where people struggle to afford this powdered stuff which is over priced and even had the Chinese put melamine in a while back. I would say breast feed your child, its cheaper and better for the child and the money you don’t waste on powdered milk will actually put food on the table in your household meaning your healthier and fitter to take care of your child.

Now I will climb down from my soap box and just like to talk about something else. As a husband remember your wife does get tired with the 2am wake ups aswell as having a child drinking milk. So try and be awake at least some of the time, make your partner some toast and a cereal drink or two. You can’t always be there but be there when you can it not only stops your partner from getting over tired it also lets her know you love her and there for her. Which also gets me onto another point is to spend more time with your kids, some will be feeling left out with the new arrival. Take them out for the day and try to get them involved with the new arrival as the big sister/brother.

New arrivals is all about family bonding and its important you work hard to not only maintain the bonds have already but to actually build on them for the benefit of your family..