Farming in the Philippines

Earlier this year i started toying with the fact of how to make a sustainable living in the Philippines. First issues started with what really works. The answer was most things do work but in varying degrees of success. The failures seem to happen with two factors 1. The rates of loans are too high and 2. Few people have time/money to build up the investment in farming. Because ive learned from time that farming is not a generation business it takes a long time to be a good farmer and producer of stock. Ok there are quick fixes before anyone jumps in here.. with fertilizers and vets to keep your crops and animals healthy. But the issue is that most of the things had a natural deterrant that is 1. Cheap and 2. None harmful. When i was in the uk there was a news report regarding peoples immune systems being stronger to medication because quite simply they eat bacon and the antibiotics are fed to the pigs, so you can imagine when you need the antibiotics and have been eating them for years on your pork whats the effect going to be?

So for years many places have fought the organic farming for many reasons, it doesnt produce high yields, it takes up more space but the truth is the natural order of life has created these products in a certain way for a reason. Poisioning the ground with fertilizer then having to increase the amount year after year is pointless your killing the ground and its expensive. Introducing new things to pigs, cows and chickens food chains creates new strands of diseases which can be fatal.

Now many people have told me farms cant produce the quantities due to the land space (in the UK) to make it viable and its only the recent food crisis that has suddenly made farmers a liveable income and i agree on that fact. The UK is already over populated and has been for at least 10 years. But one thing i found in the Philippines is excess land producing nothing! No crops.. no animals on it just to graze just fenced off waiting for a sale. The point is the farming is not crippled by the taxes which have destroyed farming in the Uk and the process where heavy investments and debts just to survive arent needed in the Philippines but the formula is still very similar. The products your developing will end up in the local markets and they will be at local prices. But if you have no debt then everything you sell is yours to gain. Stay away from fertilizers and generating super crops and look towards natural solutions that were here before. You have the greatest solution to your problems in front of you GOOGLE!!

If you want to see what we are doing you can find us on the Page at the top right which is “Our Projects” currently our piggery  is developing and you will get a regular diary including the sale value and profits as soon as our first stock is ready for market.