family problems in the Philippines

It was pretty early on when I discovered the achiles heal in the family and at an expense of over P100,000. But it wasn’t the money that was the issue it was the crab mentality. So many people have a concern about ripping each other off for the small coins instead of working together for progress and the benefit of the family/group. I could be bitter about it or annoyed but to be truthful I am more concerned about getting everyone on board to benefit the future. I don’t want relatives kids dying from lack of medicine etc. just because of a dispute that has been ongoing a couple of years now. Because I know if I can get people to work together I can not only make them wealthy I will tie them into Co-operative working so they support each other and their kin for the future. Will it work its upto them there is two ways to look at it “im the stupid Kano investing money” or the benefit of everyone. At the end of the day the investment is minimal for me as the importance is people working as a group if I can manage that most of the people involved will be Filipino millionaires within 10 years. Some of you may joke about being a peso millionaire but at the end of the day doesnt matter where in the world you are if your rich in the local currency YOU ARE RICH!!

Why do I think I can make people rich? because my knowledge is full of ideas of things that can make people wealthy because the Philippines is full of voids due to its “protective state”. But at the end of the day the protective attitude is based on big business if you can slip it in under the radar nobody really notices or cares. We have many friends and relatives and over the next couple of years I will filter the good and bad. Those who make the grade will be sitting pretty those who don’t will no doubt be bitching about me.. that is part of the problem people do not look at why they didn’t make the grade instead will blame me for the failure.. That is why I happily accept people calling me an arse or whatever else they want to say because at the end of the day I can brush off the words but losing money is more

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  1. alan
    March 21, 2010 at 10:41 pm

    You can lead the sheep to the water ( opportunity ) but you can’t make them drink unless they are thirsty .   🙂

  2. Andy
    March 22, 2010 at 1:24 am

    Hi Matt

    You’re doing an really excellent job with your blog. I have been scan reading as there is so much information but will spend more time as your observations on setting up business etc. are really helpful. Congratulations on your forthcoming new addition. I wish you all the best healthwise as it sounds like you and your wife have had a torrid time recently. I will review again taking over my blog on tropicalpenpals but I see you have been doing an excellent job of using it.


  3. Matt Wilkie
    March 22, 2010 at 2:32 am

    Your right Alan and that is something I have discussed with a few people lately regarding our workers.. We lost 2 on one day didn’t say why they are no longer working but they live opposite the construction area. Talking to Paps he said its because they have enough money for gambling and beer.. my thought is if you have a leaky roof and money in hand why is it that people put the beer before the repair? Often a lot of the problem is not that people don’t have money but the priorities are wrong. Which is why with my little business projects I will be very selective as its important for everyone to benefit not just Tanduay and San

  4. Matt Wilkie
    March 22, 2010 at 2:34 am

    Hi Andy,
                I update your blog onto your space on Tropicalpenpals when I get time you have been writing a lot lately took me nearly a full day to copy the posts Its good to see your house is coming along well and would like to know more about your plans on your rice fields as well and other projects your getting upto. Thanks for the congratulations message can’t wait biggest problem is getting April to sit still as she is used to being busy all the time and doesn’t like to be on bed rest.