Family or executioner?

I have reported before about the shooting of Luke Isaacs where he was gunned down not far from my home. A British guy with a Filipina wife which now appears to be something not as first thought. The murderer was an old boyfriend of Mr Isaacs wife and only time will tell to the real reason they were married. Was it to lay claim to Luke’s money? Was it a change of mind by Luke’s wife Riza or was Luke just entering the spider’s web. What seemed to make the Police look into the crime more was the fact that the bag that was supposed to be the reason for the struggle wasnt taken after his death. Also eye witnesses reported no struggle. What happened was nothing short of a contract killing. Jude Daytona the killer had a bit of bad luck, because Riza had taken a motorcycle loan out with Jude Daytona previously and the security guard who was at the mall that day was passing in a Jeepney at the same location as the shooting as it took place. Recognising Riza and also Jude Daytona. After contacting the police this started to unravel the mystery to why Luke was murdered. There is two reasons i thought I should post this information and the first one being most murders related to foreigners here doesn’t seem to be random. But many don’t get solved and in many cases people then worry about general safety. Burglary and bag snatching is a problem here but a few security measures and common sense can take away most of the chances of that happening. The second reason is i want people to be aware that the Philippines is maybe a bit more dangerous than some locations but i find it safer than Worcester where i live when im in the UK and definitely more than London. Generally the population here are just happy and proud to have you visiting theyre country and the worst that will happen is being over charged for goods bought. Stay clear of politicians and showing too much money and the problems will be a lot less. If your settling down here learn more about customs and the people around you it’s not always as safe as it may seem but it doesn’t mean you’re in danger either. The Philippines is beautiful and so is her people. But like every rose-bush there are thorns.