Family life in the Philippines – Mike from Cebu

I just wanted to post this as people don’t seem to mention this side of things of life in the Philippines. When I first came here to the Philippines I loved the place and I love my wife but the longer I am here the more tainted things have become because of family life in the Philippines.

I will give a couple of incidents that happened and you can judge if I was right or wrong but in my own eyes I see they are nothing but blood sucking relatives.

I received a couple of uncles to my house one day telling me that there were children in their home village that were sick. The children are relatives of my wife and I headed over there as the location isn’t far from Minglanilla. Upon arriving I could see the children weren’t well and the uncles quickly went into how they needed P5,000 for medication which for me seemed very steep as I am no newcomer to the Philippines. I wasn’t sure what was wrong with the children and offered to pay, the uncles eyes seemed to light up but not in the way I would have expected it wasn’t gratitude that was for sure. Especially when I asked for the prescription and I will go and get it myself. The drugs were in fact less than P1,000 and they were also insured so basically the drugs were free! no doubt the P5,000 would have kept the uncles in a drinking session long after I had headed back home if I hadn’t got the medication myself.

The second occassion was a funeral of my brother in-law I won’t go into the details of why or where he died but simply that I footed the bill for the entire funeral service from coffin to burial. After the funeral I was approached by some family members telling me they needed another P10,000 as there was a payment missing for me this got my back up and I had kept quiet previously because people were so upset. What a fool I was after approaching the funeral home myself to query the payment I found out all bills were not only settled but it had already been covered with an insurance policy. Where did all my money go?

Family life in the Philippines you can keep it and these self serving parasites can stay away from my door. They have little respect for the living and none for the dead.

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  1. Christine
    March 19, 2011 at 8:24 pm

    Welcome to the Philippines! And it only gets worse from here. Heard of the saying, “give them a hand and they take the whole arm”? I would revise that in the case of the Philippines – “give them a hand and they’d take the whole body!”.