Fact And Fiction When It Comes To Conversation In The Philippines

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The conversation isn’t about dating (the photo may look like it) but it its still relevant in the fact these conversations constantly go around about how people get deported for saying the wrong thing etc. in the Philippines.

I have yet to hear of anyone being deported that hadn’t deserved it yet you will hear people saying “shh watch what your saying” but why? You see the laws that allow people to be deported here no doubt exist in other countries but generally only used in severe  circumstances rather than just that you upset some cashier at a supermarket.

What I have found though is many people bring the risk onto themselves because they are racist,ignorant,loud,abusive and generally offensive wandering round as if superior to Filipino people (Odd that when in the West they are white trash).

I have debates with Filipinos on most topics because without discussion there can be no change there is a refusal often to see that it can be done and to just put up and shut up yet with a bit of work things can improve for the better of all. This couldn’t happen if we all run around like scared foreigners which is often how these articles about Filipino relations are written by foreigners living in the Philippines.

I would also note though the average Filipino has a different mentality than many of the foreigners here being more understanding and willing to just ignore a ranting idiot rather than reach for the nearest phone for police or deportation. Because they know you will go away and they expect foreigners to be like this. At the same time bump into the wrong Filipino you would be wishing you had the chance to make it to immigration and I have met several people back in the UK that had been forced out of the Philippines and some very trivial such as a car accident involving a senator and a friends car. Was he abusive? nope the fact was the senator made sure he had to leave or risk being killed, no risk of immigration there! The truth though is these instances are becoming rarer over the years as things seem to be settling down more probably because of the influx of OFW money leaving the rich to sit in the ivory towers and not have to deal with the day to day things. At the same time I would just say treat people the same way you want to be treated as I have generally found most people rich or poor are accepting of good manners,respect and a smile. I will strongly stand by the side of Filipino’s on this as I find most expats that have had things happen to them have done something to put the wheels in motion but generally Filipinos are happy to just be left alone and not escalate the issue.

I only wrote this article this morning because someone sent over someone else’s article asking “who wrote this?”. As my friend up in Luzon couldn’t believe the scaremongering article that had been posted.

3 comments for “Fact And Fiction When It Comes To Conversation In The Philippines

  1. joe downey
    November 4, 2011 at 7:15 am

    Much ado about nothing, i have in 14 years known one only guy threatened with deportation, i spent 8 years in the provinces and the rest in QC. Drift along and ignore the implied threats, the ones who have to threaten have no real power, it`s bacome something of an Urban Legend. As for all the low lifes and trash Matt, i don`t know the circles you involve yourself with, i rarely come across them, and i`m in the hospitality business, one would assume i would come across some.

    • Profile photo of OLDARTICLES
      November 4, 2011 at 2:59 pm

      There has been the odd case I have seen over the years but generally people have done something to cause the situation to esculate. Even just verbal abuse most Filipino’s aren’t interested as they know the kano will leave.

      As regards circles I move in its not “association” its more to do with observation of how some people act and treat others. Do I hang around with guys like this? answer is no I have been to a few parties where I was invited by guests who aren’t like this to find the odd one or two at the party. My expat association has become more and more limited over time due to a lot of the stuff expats get upto and quite happy to disconnect myself from most. People contact me for advice etc. but generally I spend my time with Filipinos.

  2. November 5, 2011 at 8:07 am

    Have to agree with Joe about these people here but I do think the Philippines does get blessed with a lot of American’s that are nothing but a headache either here or in the U.S. not talking about the business men or general holiday makers but the grumpy old farts that choose to come here and marry young women thinking the world owes them a living.