Facebook helps catch Philippines serial killer who targets foreigners.

Philippine police managed to track down a suspected serial killer who commited a series of

grisly robberies with the help of the killers Facebook account.

Mark Dizon a computer technician (28) did not resist arrest when caught on Tuesday while talking to his father in a public square in Northern San Fernando City.police Senior Superintendent Danilo Bautista said.

The death toll currently stands at nine people six Filipinos, an American, A Canadian and one British person. The murders all happened in connection with three different robberies in Angeles City this month. The location is near former U.S. Clark Air force base which is North West of Manila and home to many retired Expats.

Dizon comes from a wealthy background although had a fascination with firearms. He was also Facebook friends with the daughter of one of the victims. A friend of her family showed his photo on Facebook to witnesses to help identify him.

"He was fond of computers and this gave him away," Bautista said before going on to say

Murder charges will soon be filed against Dizon, who denied involvement in the killing.

The string of deaths started on July 12th when Geoffrey Alan Bennun (60 from Canada) and his Filipina girlfriend were shot dead after a robber broke into their hotel room.

Four days later James Bolton Porter (51 and British) and his girlfriend were murdered at their house in Angeles Malabanas Village.

Police hit it lucky when Dizon later allegedly pawned some of the possessions from the first robbery, which included a mobile phone and a laptop. The police investigators had managed to secure pawnshop records and close-circuit television footage showing Dizon with the stolen goods in the store.

Last week Albert Mitchell (70 from America) a U.S. Air force veteran was murdered alongside his Filipino wife Janet 53. Three members of staff were also killed at their home. The fleeing gunman was spotted by a village guard and a motorcycle cab driver who later described him to police investigators.

After hearing the description a family friend of the Mitchells looked up Dizon’s Facebook profile and seen that the Mitchell’s daughter was one of his friends  on the site. He then showed the Facebook profile to witnesses who identified him as the man leaving the crime scene. They also managed to link the other robberies to Dizon due to the same pistol was used in all three robberies and killings.