Expats marrying Filipina What is the ratio for good and bad marriages

There is often a lot of negativity relating to relationships with Filipino’s but how true are they? From my own viewpoint I would actually have to say it’s more to do with the fact most people do not talk about “good” relationships. To put it into perspective if you had a bad meal in a restaurant how many people would you tell? 5 – 10? But what about if you had a good meal? maybe nobody at all. This is the same scenario when it relates to relationships there is more negativity online purely because people complain! Nobody or rarely do you hear people go I am happily married. Because being “happy” isn’t a subject people really want to talk about too much. But something goes wrong they will be quick to point it out, which will then mean they told a few people at work, a few people online and within no time over 100 people know. Which is why the negativity level is often far higher than the positives relating to Philippines relationships between expats and Filipino’s.

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