Expats Ladies Charities and Daisy..

Daisy (pink dress)Daisy is a friend of mine although I have yet to meet in person. We bump into each other from time to time normally to deal with some Expat crisis or to try and introduce new people becoming part of the community. Over the time I have known Daisy I have become aware of all the things she does just to help people out for free. A lot of the time putting herself out of pocket. Recently involved in trying to help an expat who was abandoned in the Philippines by his wife who basically took all his money and left him unable to get back to the U.S. he became sick and the Expat Ladies Charity raised funds to pay for his medication which was literally keeping him alive until he finally passed away. Its this sort of dedication that puts Daisy above many people and someone im proud to call a friend. One of the current programs she is doing and does every year is the school Scholarships to help those less fortunate complete education. Which in turn helps a lot of people out of poverty as education is one of the key solutions and something I strongly back. So if you have time or interested in donating to something that actually makes a difference in the world I recommend visiting Daisy and her friends site over at Expat Ladies Charities. I have added a bit of information on the scholarship program I found on the site below.

Last Friday, June 5, 2009 we launched our Scholarship Project.  We have a total of 8 scholars present with their mothers, the other 2 being at Iligan City, Lanao del Norte. Aside from distributing their certificate of scholarship from us, we also gave them their initial monetary l incentives . . It was just a small amount but for them in this opening of classes, it is a lot!

We give them our commitment on condition that they will do their best in their studies and that the parents should cooperate with us by providing us the Report Card every grading period. We are going to meet them every quarter for their Report Cards but their montly incentives will be taken from the members of our organization who lives nearest  to them!

CDO Expats Community, thru the effort of Mr. Mike Farrell is shouldering 5 scholars and he was there with us at Spooks.Let me take this opportunity also to thank the owner of Spooks, Mike for allowing us to occupy the whole space 2 hours before the TGIF.  I know and understand that our condiment  order is not even enough payment for the energy we consumed! As a member of CDO Expatriate Community, he is one of our most valued supporters .


1 2 3 Ladies Charity Members with our scholars