Expats and harmony

When i first went to the Philippines i was looking to make new friends in an environment that was pretty much unique to most parts of the world. Believing that a community of one could actually be formed even if not everyone could sit in the room at the same time. But in reality its a lot worse than i had expected. First there were existing conflicts with people that already knew each other which varied from trivial to out of hand disputes. Then as time went on you begin to notice splits into different communities which all seem to be caused by conflicts of interest. LinC (Living in Cebu website) has or had a wide spectrum of members who seem to arrive all happy and keen to meet others then splinter into other groups and fall quiet. Then there is things like the Cebu Brit Club on Yahoo or livinginthephilippines. Problem with Cebu Brit Club was the owner of the site was very pushy on selling his products with investments which put a lot of members off. Even worse when Legacy collapsed and a lot of those people lost money. LivinginthePhilippines.com on its forum splinters i found very biast and quick to push people down if views didn’t match their own. So that’s when TropicalPenpals.com started simply just to give advice that is unbiast and not selling any services unless you ask for them. But also the ability to say what you want without having your posts attacked from all angles by moderators with a view that they have of the world and want to enforce on others. Wrong or right i think its just the fact most people are here for different reasons and often have strong views from personal background but often they give views on stuff they have never even experienced. So I’m toying with a new idea which i would like to implement shortly which is a Wiki section which is populated by “YOU” and edited by “YOU”. To help get a bigger picture and hopefully a better spectrum of ideas and thoughts to help everyone here. I’m not just talking about expats either. TropicalPenpals.com is based in the Philippines so if your married to an expat or a Filipino you are entitle to write on here aswell. I want a true community not a splintered one. Only thing I ask is if you don’t agree with something unless it can be resolved with structured and valid points just don’t get involved. This is the internet at the end of the day and no point having heated agreements over things that can never be resolved.